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Gameweek 15 - Our Midfield Picks

Our second article this weeks discusses our favourite Midfield options. Aguero's absence will mean manager's wallets will be bursting at the seams but with prices of the top midfielders rising quickly, you have to get in fast.

1) Alexis Sánchez

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
22.25 3.76 28.1
It should come as no surprise that Sanchez is in the top spot. He's scored 7 goals in the last 6 games and has also grabbed an assist. He shares top spot on the season-to-date goals scored chart with Costa. Apart from a GW17 away tie at Man City, his favourable fixtures will undoubtedly give him many more points scoring opportunities.

2) Eden Hazard

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
16.87 7 26.52
Eden Hazard comes a close second. He's grabbed 5 goals and 2 assists in the last 6 matches and has been involved in 41% of Chelsea's 17 goals in that time. Like Sanchez he has some favourable fixtures coming up.

3) Gylfi Sigurdsson

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
12.44 10.44 23.58
Gylfi Sigurdsson is perhaps a surprising entry at number 3 in our listing as Swansea have been struggling to find the net in recent weeks. However, he's been involved in 63% of Swansea's 8 goals in the past 6 weeks, grabbing 2 goals and 3 assists. His 10 shots on target in that time is second only Sanchez (11). If he can convert just a few more shots into goals, his favourable fixture list could give his owners a tasty Christmas points haul.

4) Pedro

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
12.72 5.05 20.04
Pedro's early promise last season failed to amount to much but he's currently on a great run of form with 3 goals and 3 assists in the past 6 matches. At £7.3m he could be a cheaper route into the Chelsea goal-scoring machine.

5) Roberto Firmino

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
11.41 5.14 18.66
Firmino has been a key part of Liverpool's attacking setup this season and has rewarded his owners with 5 goals and 5 assists, 2 of both coming in the past 6 gameweeks. He's not scored or assisted in the last 3 games though but with Coutinho out injured, his role alongside Mane will be even more important. No midfielder has had more shots in the box than Firmino in the last 6 matches (17). He just needs to put a few more of them away.

6) Christian Eriksen

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
9.01 6.6 18.53
Christian Eriksen has been quiet in fantasy football terms for most of the season but has come alive in the past 2 matches with 3 goals and an assist. With Harry Kane back, Spurs are sure to start finding the net more often and Eriksen will be key to their efforts. Eriksen has had the most shots of all midfielders in the past 6 games (25) but most of these (18) came from outside the box.

7) Sadio Mané

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
12.56 3.52 17.99
Summer signing Sadio Mane has played 2nd/3rd fiddle to Firmino and Coutinho for much of the season but his recent form has made him the more popular option of the three. With 4 goals and 3 assists in the past 4 matches, those managers who stuck with him have been rewarded. Despite scoring more goals than Firmino, he currently ranks below him as Firmino has had more shots on goal, more shots on target, more shots in the box and more shot assists. Mane's goal index is higher but Firmino's higher assist index gives him the edge overall.

8) Gastón Ramírez

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
10.75 4.18 16.64
Middlesbrough have only scored 6 goals in the past 6 matches but Ramirez has been involved in 50% of them (2 goals and an assist) and has only played 5 of those games. Whilst we don't expect Middlesbrough's goal scoring record to improve dramatically over the next 6 weeks, we do expect Ramirez to play a big part in their goal scoring endeavours.

9) Victor Moses

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
8.79 4.69 16.25
Victor Moses is our 3rd place Chelsea player on the list. He's only recently become a fixture in the team and has picked up a goal and an assist in recent weeks. At £5.7m he could be a great budget option if Chelsea continue to bang in the goals. He's only had 2 shots in the box less than Hazard.

10) Mesut Özil

Goal IndexAssist IndexFFStatsHQ Index
6.64 7.42 16.14
Mesut Ozil has 1 goal and 3 assists in the past 6 games. He's not been as consistent an assist provider this season but he's showing signs of regaining his influence. He ranks lower than you would expect as Arsenal's goal and assist points tend to be shared amongst more players. He's also only had 4 shots on target in the past 6 games which has impacted his goal index. We fully expect him to climb the rankings over the coming weeks.

Who's Missing?

Coutinho would still have ranked 11th in our listing, even though he has only played 34 minutes of the last 2 matches. His absence in our listing is obviously down to his injury which is likely to keep him out until the new year.
West Brom's Matt Phillips is also on good from with 3 goals and 3 assists in the past 6 games. He fails to make our top 10 as his low shots on target (4), shots inside the box (4) and shot assists (9) suggest his goal involvement has out performed his overall attacking influence. With West Brom playing Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal in their next 4 games, we predict less goals for Matt Phillips to get involved in.

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